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We've all heard it, student loan debt is soaring. While this shows that more people are pursuing higher education, it also means that more people are acquiring a high financial burden. At Perez & Perez, we want to help you get your student debt back on track. With offices in Lafayette and Indianapolis,we serve clients throughout all of Indiana. We are a family –owned bankruptcy law firm and understand the impact finances can have on your life.   In many cases, bankruptcy can help to address student loan issues.   If you just want information about dealing with your student loans outside of bankruptcy, we can help with that too.   We offer a student-loan-only consultation for a flat fee.   Call us to find out more.


If you are having the following issues with
student loans, we can help you sort through the mess and gain peace of mind.

  • You are being harassed by lending institutions.
  • You have a student loan in default.
  • You are experiencing wage garnishment.
  • You need to consolidate your student loans.
  • You have student loan cosigner issues.
  • You want to learn if you qualify for student loan forgiveness.
  • You have other debts (like credit cards) that are preventing you from paying 
    your student loans.

If you are experiencing these issues, please give us a call or fill 
out the contact form below. Let us help you take charge of your student debt today.


Stop Wage Garnishment in Indianapolis

Wage Garnishment Bankruptcy Attorney Indianapolis, INWage garnishment is a common issue for people with any type of unpaid debt. Wage garnishment is when  the court demands that a portion of a person's paycheck be withheld by their employer  and sent to the institution that the person owes money to. Such a requirement  can have severe consequences for the person involved. Not only are they strapped  for money, but they are also getting a chunk of their pay taken away. Many people  with student loan debt run into this issue when they can't keep up with their  payments and go into default. With Federal Student Loans, the collector does  not even need a court order. They can simply issue an Administrative Wage Garnishment and begin taking funds from your pay.

However, although you may legitimately owe the debt, you have rights.  The institution doing the garnishing must send you documents showing  how to get records of your loan, how much you owe, how to enter into a  repayment schedule, and how to request a hearing. The time to act to avoid wage garnishment is very limited, so it is important to act quickly.

We can help you avoid a reduction in your wages or reduce the amount that  is being taken away by looking at your income and specific situation. If you  are experiencing wage garnishment due to your student loans, or if you have received a notice that a wage garnishment is coming, please give us a call or fill out the contact form below to learn more about how we can help.

Student Loan Services in Indianapolis, IN

Student loans can get messy fast. There are federal loans, 
private loans, and varying interest rates and minimum payments. With all of 
these factors to consider, it can be too easy for borrowers to lose track of 
important information, mess up a payment, and get behind.
At Perez & Perez, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you get your 
student loan debt
back on track.

Private Loans vs. Federal Loans

One of the most important things to know when considering your student loan 
is whether you have federal loans or private loans. Federal loans are 
either provided or guaranteed by the US government to help students pay for 
their education. Many of these loans have set interest rates, and any problems you 
may encounter with them can usually be handled with relative ease. Private loans, 
however, can be a bit more difficult. These are loans that are offered by banks 
and private loan companies. The interest rates and repayment plans are not 
controlled by the US government, which can result in confusion and less than 
optimal repayment terms.

Whether you have federal or private loans, we can help you create a better 
repayment strategy based on your income and solve issues with interest 
and minimum payments.

Get Your Student Loans Out of Default

When your student loans go into default, this means that a person has failed to meet 
the terms of their loan provider and make payments for a significant period of time. 
Going into default can cause many problems for the borrower, including 
wage garnishment
and difficulty getting approval for things such as homeowner's insurance, 
renting a property, and getting a cell phone plan.

We can assist with getting your student loans out of default by 
assessing your situation, showing you your options, and starting the 
process in getting your debt back on track. Some options we help our 
clients pursue include forming a workable repayment plan that meets 
their income needs, getting their 
loans consolidated, and loan rehabilitation.

Consolidate Student Loans

One option for your student loan troubles could be to consolidate your loans, which involves combining 
multiple loans into one big loan. The benefits of this process include only having 
to worry about one monthly payment versus many payments, as well as increased 
repayment options. We can also use consolidation to pull certain loans out of 
default status! For example, you could combine all of your federal loans 
(even defaulted ones) into one federal direct consolidation loan and repay 
the loan through Income-Based Repayment (IBR).

This means that your required payments will not exceed what you could easily pay 
with your current income. If you are having trouble juggling multiple loans, 
loan consolidation may be right for you. We can look at your student 
loans and make an assessment based on your current minimum payments and your 
income. If you are interested in 
loan consolidation, please feel free to 
give us a call your
Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney or fill out the contact form below.

Resolve Cosigner Issues

If you have a private student loan, you may have a cosigner. Many private loan companies 
do not make their policies for cosigners clear, and unexpected events can jeopardize 
a borrower's financial stability. A cosigner is essentially a person who signs the
loan promissory note and guarantees that the loan will be paid if the borrower 
defaults. This carries a lot of risk for both the cosigner and the borrower. 
For example, if the cosigner dies while the borrower is repaying the loan, 
that loan can automatically go into default, which will damage the credit and 
financial stability of the borrower. By signing the loan, the cosigner runs the 
risk of having to repay the loan themselves if the borrower is unable to do so.

Whether you are a borrower with a cosigner issue or a cosigner with a borrower
issue, we can help you resolve these problems by looking at your specific situation
and exploring your options. If you are experiencing cosigner issues with your 
student loans, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the contact
form below.

Discharging Loans

Sometimes there is no way for you to pay back your student loans. Unforeseen events and 
hardship can make paying back student debt impossible. If your student debt is 
too overwhelming, there is the possibility of discharging or eliminating your 
loans entirely. There are multiple types of loan forgiveness. Some of these include 
Closed School Discharge, Death Discharge, Teacher Loan Forgiveness, and Public
Service Loan Forgiveness. In very rare cases, you can get loans discharged 
through bankruptcy.

If you believe that your only option is loan discharge
then please give us a call or fill out the contact form below. 
We can review your situation and discuss your options with you.

Bankruptcy Options for Student Loans

In rare cases, you can eliminate your student loans through bankruptcy. If you file Chapter 
or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your student debt can be eliminated if you can prove to 
the court that repaying your loans would cause undue hardship. This means that 
repaying your loans would not allow you to maintain a minimum standard of living 
over a significant amount of time, and would cause severe issues for you and your 
dependents. You would have to prove to the court that you meet these qualifications,
so it can be difficult, but not impossible in the right case.

If you believe that you meet the above requirements, we can help you acquire
forgiveness for your student loans by going over your bankruptcy options.
Please give us a call or fill out the contact form below, and we will start 
reviewing your situation and exploring your options.

Hiring a Lawyer vs. a Consultant

There are many help options available to you as a student loan borrower in need 
of help. However, some are better than others. Two of the most common options 
include hiring a consultant or hiring a lawyer.

Student loan consultants are people that educate student borrowers, financial 
advisors, and universities on student loan repayment and forgiveness programs. 
They can help borrowers draft a custom repayment plan and discuss their loan options. 
However, their power and expertise is limited. Student loan consultants can only advise, 
but they cannot help a borrower pursue legal action. So, if a borrower is having issues 
with harassing phone calls from lending institutions, a student loan that went 
into default, or the need for loan forgiveness, a student loan consultant cannot 
help them. They cannot even legally discuss these issues with their clients, 
because that would entail an unauthorized practice of law. In addition, many 
student loan consultants charge high fees for services that cannot go very far.

In some cases, student loan consultants run a one-size-fits-all "mill" practice. 
They offer only one solution for everyone's situation because it is more profitable 
to simply get clients in and out, without much individual analysis. Without 
the individual attention to the legal issues from a student loan lawyer, claims are ignored, and better 
solutions can be missed.

Hiring a Student Loan Lawyer in Indianapolis

In many student debt cases, hiring a student loan lawyer is the better option. You get more for your money because student loan lawyers can provide guidance and legal action at the same time. They know the ins and outs of student loan law, and can help guide you through the steps necessary to get your debt back on track. If you are experiencing phone harassment, loan default, cosigner issues, or bankruptcy, a student loan lawyer has the power and expertise to help you. If you are unsure which option is best for you, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the contact form below. We would be happy to just let you tell us your story. Together, we can figure out what options are best for your student debt situation.

About Perez & Perez

Jay Perez, Partner

Jay Perez, Partner

After helping his clients with bankruptcy matters for the past 7 years, Jay became interested in student loan law due to the high number of clients that would come to him with student debt problems. He attended a student loan law workshop by renowned student loan lawyer Josh Cohen, and learned the ins and outs of one of the most important and growing areas of law. With student loan debt outweighing credit card debt and coming second only to mortgage debt, Jay wants to help current students and graduates get in control of their student loans today.

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Cassandra Perez, Partner

Cassandra Perez, Partner

Cassandra Perez is a partner at Perez & Perez, working primarily out of the Indianapolis office. Cassandra has been helping people with various legal issues since 2008. Prior to co-founding Perez & Perez, she worked as an Associate Attorney at Eberhard & Gastineu in Lagrange, Indiana and was also a Senior Attorney with Macey Bankruptcy Law, where she concentrated on helping individuals and families address their debts.

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Student Loan Resources

When dealing with student loan debt, we know how important it is to have ready access to professional and trustworthy information. The list of links below contain important websites to look at when dealing with student debt.

National Student Loan Data System Access

This is a federal database website where you can log in and review vital information on your student loans, including outstanding balances, disbursements, loan statuses, and loan amounts. You will need your social security number and PIN to access your information.

Federal Student Aid PIN Website

This website allows you to apply for a student aid PIN or get a new one if you forgot your old one. A student aid PIN is required if you want to access your Federal Student Aid records online.

Federal Student Aid

This is the official Federal Student Aid website. It contains fantastic and thorough resources on everything you need to know about student aid, including student loans.