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Consumer Bankruptcy Concentration

Consumer bankruptcy is a complex field with many issues that require a competent attorney to be up to speed on all the latest issues. Bankruptcy attorneys can practice in any area of law and some try to do it all. They handle the occasional bankruptcy case but don’t do enough of it to stay current on all the issues. One of the key factors in selecting an attorney to handle your bankruptcy case is to make sure they handle primarily consumer bankruptcy cases. The bankruptcy attorneys at Perez & Perez limit their practice to consumer bankruptcy cases and areas very closely related to it.

Indianapolis Bankruptcy Law Experience

Ask your attorney how many consumer bankruptcy cases they have handled, not necessarily the number of years they have practiced. An attorney can practice for 50 years and only handle 30 bankruptcy cases in that time. Bankruptcy laws were completely revamped in 2005, so make sure your attorney has handled a lot of cases since the changes and is familiar with the issues those changes raised.

The Indianapolis bankruptcy attorneys at Perez & Perez have handled thousands of consumer bankruptcy cases since the 2005 amendments. For six years prior to starting their own practice, Jay and Cassandra worked for the nation’s largest consumer bankruptcy law firm. During that time they gained significant experience by handling a very large volume of cases.

Rebuilding after Bankruptcy

We want you to rebuild your financial situation, and that means helping you improve your credit after bankruptcy.   As part of our services, we provide you with access to "7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score", a credit education program that helps you learn the steps to take after a bankruptcy to quickly improve your credit.

Membership in Consumer Bankruptcy Organizations

One of the ways that the attorneys at Perez & Perez stay current on the latest developing issues in consumer bankruptcy is through membership in NACBA, the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. This is the leading attorney organization in consumer bankruptcy, and membership is a valuable asset. NACBA provides continuing education, contacts with bankruptcy attorneys across the country, and access to excellent legal research resources for our office. By joining NACBA, an attorney indicates they are serious about consumer bankruptcy.

Personal Service

No matter how much collective experience a law firm can quote, you will only get the benefit of that experience if you get to discuss your case with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Unfortunately, there are a number of firms known as “bankruptcy mills” that churn out bankruptcy cases without much consideration for the individual client. They market heavily, deal in huge volume, often offering cut-rate services. The problem is you rarely deal with an attorney, sometimes not meeting the attorney until you go to court. Even if you get to meet an attorney, these firms usually hire new attorneys with little experience to do the bulk of the work for low wages. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of employee turnover, so you might get shuffled around from one attorney to another several times during your case. All of these issues can result in errors or missed issues because your attorney doesn’t really know your case.

Comparing Bankruptcy Legal Fees in Indianapolis

Cost is always a concern when comparing bankruptcy attorneys. After all, you are already in a difficult financial position. There are many factors that can affect fees charged by bankruptcy attorneys, such as the complexity of the case, the amount or type of debt you are looking to discharge, and other issues involved in your particular case. But one of the main factors is that there are differences between attorneys and the quality of services they offer.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” very much applies to bankruptcy attorneys. Do you really want to risk your entire case, everything you own, and whether or not you can eliminate thousands of dollars in debt over saving a couple hundred dollars?

Let’s compare this to a car repair. If your car is having problems, would you want the lowest-priced cut-rate mechanic who uses leftover used parts? That might be all you think you can afford right now. But that mechanic could damage your car even further, costing you thousands to fix his mistakes. You should instead look to a mechanic that offers a fair cost for the repair you need, or someone referred to you by others.

Choosing a bankruptcy attorney is no different. Bankruptcy law is very complex. There are hundreds of potential problems that could arise in any case, so you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney that can anticipate, identify, and avoid those issues for you. If your attorney is not aware of the issues, or can’t anticipate them based on his or her experience, you could end up spending much more to fix a problem than it would have cost to prevent it. The attorneys at Perez & Perez promise to quote you a fair fee for your case. We can’t promise to be the lowest priced firm out there. It is unlikely that we will be the highest priced either. We provide quality service at reasonable fees and will work with you on a payment plan that you can afford.


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