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Student Loan Debt Lawyer in Indianapolis


Student Loan debt is at an all-time high. As a nation, we now have more student debt than credit card debt!   Perez & Perez is a family-owned law firm based in Brownsburg, Indiana.   If you live anywhere in Indiana, we can help.


What can we help with?   

  • Student loans in default
  • You can’t afford your student loan payments
  • You want to learn if you qualify for student loan forgiveness
  • You have other debts (like credit cards) that are preventing you from paying your student loans.
  • You want to determine if your student loans can be discharged in bankruptcy


How does the process work?   We try to make the process as simple as possible.


Step 1:  We start with a free, no obligation review.   To have us do that, you’ll fill out a form with some of the basic information* we need to review your loan status.

Step 2:  Attorney Perez will conduct an initial review of your information and respond to you by email letting you know if we can help.   

Step 3:  If we can help, we’ll invite you to schedule an Analysis Appointment of up to one hour.    During the appointment, we’ll answer your questions and help you come up with a strategy to address your student loan problem.   This appointment is done for a flat fee of $300.  Attorney Perez will give you options for ways you can handle your loans yourself and, if applicable, ways we can take action on your behalf.   You’ll then have the option of whether to hire us to help further.

*The form includes uploading your Student Loan Data file, which you can get from  If you don’t have a login/password to that site, it may take a few days to gain access. Instructions to access the file are available here.


We are a debt relief agency helping people file for relief under the bankruptcy code.  The information contained herein is not legal advice. Any information you submit to Perez & Perez via this website may not be protected by attorney-client privilege. An attorney responsible for the content of this Site is Juan A. Perez Jr., licensed in Indiana with offices at 333 N. Alabama St., Ste 350A, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

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