Macey Bankruptcy Law – Indiana cases transferred to Perez & Perez

Indianapolis Bankruptcy lawyers Perez & PerezIf you were previously a client of Macey Bankruptcy Law in Central or Southern Indiana, your chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy cases have likely been transferred to our office.

You may be aware that Macey Bankruptcy Law (aka Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy) has gone out of business.   In fact, some of MBL’s creditors have filed an involuntary bankruptcy case against MBL and asked a bankruptcy court to have MBL’s remaining assets liquidated to pay its creditors.

In late November 2013, as MBL was preparing to wind down its bankruptcy practice, our firm, Perez & Perez, agreed to take on some of their clients.   Since Cassandra and Jay previously worked for MBL, most of the clients transferred have already met us in our role as MBL employees.  Perez & Perez is now representing MBL clients from the Southern District of Indiana and the Lafayette Division of the Northern District of Indiana.   This means we are taking cases that will be filed in the Lafayette, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, New Albany, and Evansville Federal Courts.  If you live in another area, refer to MBL’s website for information on the law firm taking on your case.

If your case was transferred to us and you have questions, please reach out to our office at 317-634-5968.